The Programs

Program development

At Balnarring-Preschool, the programs are based on the concept of ‘learning through play’.  Research has shown that children learn best through play.

Your child’s ideas, interests and abilities will help shape the program, and it’s based on these foundations that play experiences will be developed.

The program aims to support your child’s individual learning style, as well as providing an enriching environment where your child can build friendships, feel a sense of belonging, and freely express themselves.

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What happens at preschool?

During the session, your child will learn at their own pace and in their own way.

Early childhood educators will continually evaluate your child’s play to discover what it is they’re learning.   They will then help shape and extend this learning.

Play can take many forms, such as art, imagination, movement, music, science, language and maths.  These play experiences will help support your child’s physical, social, creative and cognitive development.

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Family involvement

Several times a term, parents attend their child’s kindergarten session to assist with the program.

The pre-school also runs social events, fundraising activities and family evenings throughout the year.